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Ten winning occupations of the future

Peak demand for doctors, engineers, computer analysts and financial advisors.

Surprisingly, earn good dental hygienists, but also financial advisors. More likely, they will have much to do civil engineers and nurses, apart from the doctors. But for those who must choose today that studies be undertaken, better not underestimate the contribution that is required by companies to analysts and computer specialists in product marketing. Here are some of the professions that will make a difference - and ensure revenue increasing and almost guaranteed a job in 10 years.

THE RANKING - The top ten jobs between now and lucky next decade is the U.S., but also gives Italy a reflection on the growing needs and changes taking place in the world of work. The magazine has compiled the Economic 24 / 7 Wall St., analyzing the statistics of the Ministry of Labor of the United States, which monitors the growth, wage levels, availability of U.S. 750 in all major occupational groups operating in the area In the decade from 2008 to 2018. In the first ten positions, there are three health-related professions, while the first baby boomers turned 65 years and the population ages, the demand for basic medical services, nursing aid and even dental work (the culture of dental hygiene, at least in America, began to gain weight) increases: in fact the first in the standings in the emerging professions are nurses, with almost 600 000 new jobs to be created between now and 2018 in the U.S., while doctors and surgeons are in fifth place ('ll need less than 150 000 but with twice as salaries for nurses), and dental hygienists earn ninth place in the standings (just over 60 000 new entries in the category between now and 2018).

SPECIALIZED PROFESSIONALS - For the other seven positions most in demand, the studies are to access and highly specialized niche, ranging from eighth position of Civil Engineers (for their growth rates exceeding 24 percent, while the engineering category will grow by 10% in total) - the most committed to work in conjunction with changes in city transport, ways of living - the tenth position of financial consultants engaged to advise the population on more profitable investments. Even the computer sees its employees to grow: for analysts dedicated to building corporate networks, applications will increase by 20 percent, while those dealing with programming software and in particular for mobile applications will also grow by over 30%. The corporate world, then, will continue to need jobs in this sector as accountants and auditors, as well as product specialists and skilled consultants for business management.
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